What We Do

Coverage Area

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About Us

We are a 501C3 military veteran nonprofit. We are a group of military veterans who still want to serve our citizens. Together we staff a boat crew that responds to natural disaster flooded areas.

Our boat crew is comprised of military veterans who have served in several of our military branches. We have Army veterans, who have served a combat medics and infantry. We also have Coast Guard veterans, who have served in search and rescue positions. We have Navy veterans, who have served in various roles. The primary purpose for this all veteran staff is that these people have the training and can respond to disasters with military precision.

The boat crews consist of a coxswain (boat operator), two (2) deck hands, and an engineer (Mechanic). The four (4) man crew will provide lookout to assist the coxswain with maneuvering the boat from debris and other obstructions. They will also assist stranded citizens onto the boats, administer first aid when needed, and assist those citizens back to dry ground. Our crews are also outfitted with two (2) transport drivers. The drivers will ensure those citizens get to an evacuation center appropriate for their needs. Those that have pets may have to go to a different center, as well as those with special needs.

Our crews train Monday through Friday of every week unless they are on deployment. They are ready to respond from Virginia to any state that is in our service area, the East Coast through to the Mississippi River. These crews train for a magnitude of scenarios, such as families with children, pets, and some luggage, to those who have some disabilities or first aid needs. Our crew’s main focus is getting stranded citizens safely out of harm’s way.

What We Do

W.A.T.E.R. Team Inc. and what we do. Our organization will respond to natural disaster flooded areas with permission of the local Emergency Response Representative. We will deploy small flat bottom vessels to aid citizens out of flooded areas and onto dry ground. Our boat crews will go from house to house in search of people stranded by flood waters, bring those requesting help onto the boats, and take them to dry ground. Once they are on dry ground, we will transport them to local evacuation centers. Our intention is to save everyone, including dogs and cats. No life left behind will be our mission.